How many members here have a Concealed Carry Permit?


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I do have a permit & I emailed the Gov.


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Have my permit, and Gov Perdue has been recieving calls and emails from me ever since it passed the House. This is an important one, lets let him know how we feel...


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I do not have a GFL. But I did call. And now will be applying for my GFL.

e-mail sent too !


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The pressure to Veto this bill is building. The restaurant industry has a tremendous amount of pull so we have to keep calling and writing every day. I'm on a first name basis with one of the ladies in the Governor's office at this point. They are receiving thousands of calls and emails from both sides of this fight.
Have you been talking to Mrs. Pam down there at the Gov's office as well? :banana:


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I have a GFL or at least I did until yesterday.:banginghe:banginghe Applied for renewal on Jan9, got a temp permit good till April 9, as of today, no license.:banginghe According to judge, GCIC has not yet responded.

I have contacted the Gov's office as well.
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It's good to hear that the calls and emails are being sent. In today's World we need to take every opportunity to expand our rights as "THEY" are taking every opportunity to remove them.


I dont have a CCP, but I have sent an email to the Gub'na.


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me too on both counts