How many Years have you been Deer hunting

About 30-32 started in the mid 80's. Forget exact year.

A friend, manager at my first job in fast food, had some friends going deer hunting.

No clue what I was doing. Walked into the woods, sat against a stump, with parts of the tree on either side as cover.

A 6pt walked over, close enough to ask for a cigarette. Under 10 feet. Shaking like leaf in a hurricane, I ripped off 2 shots and missed. But, I was hooked.

In the mid 90's, the friend and I went again, and i was there when he shot his first deer.

We lost contact a little after that, and I just found out recently he died back in '14.

Thanks Mark! Peace be with ya brother.


I`ve been deer hunting for 51 years. That`s how long we`ve had a deer season in my part of Georgia. Killed my first deer in 1967, and my first kill ever was a wild turkey in 1959. I`ve been hunting anything that was in season since I was strong enough to keep both ends of a long gun off the ground at the same time.

It`s a tradition that I`ve never missed hunting on opening day.
Forty years this coming thanksgiving day, killed a seven point at 1:10 pm I was ten years old sitting in a tree stand my father built and put me in. Been addicted ever since


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23 years and looking for many more. However I'm finding that the harvest of the quarry I'm after is no longer becoming my main focus and I'm enjoying God's creation on a lot different level than I did when I started this journey.
I was used as a driver by my uncles when I was 14....went with a gun by myself when 16 in 1955....killed my first in, on and off , roughly 65 yrs.........scary
Been going with my Dad for over 25 years. Believe this will be my 23rd season toting a rifle


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Killed my first deer in 1978 with the .444 that I still have, in Braxton Ms.
I'm 55 now. Missed some years because of military service, but I've been at it steady since 91'
Well over 40 yrs. Dad wasnt a deer hunter but he loved to chase small game. I learned a lot of valuable lessons squirrel hunting. I started seriously hunting deer when I was 20 or so.
Somewhere around 30 yrs. Nobody in my family was very much of a hunter and really can't remember what got me interested in deer hunting. Took me around 5 to 6 yrs to kill my first deer which turned out to be 2 doe's at horse creek wma
This will be my 2nd season. I'm 33 and my dad didn't hunt. I learned a lot last year hunting the Corp land. Hoping to get my first deer this fall.


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Got a late start as Dad was a fisherman but never hunted. Uncle in VA took me when I was 21 and I was hooked. That was 33 years ago. Time flies.