How much is a used glock 23 worth?

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Just need an estimated on a used glock 23 that is in good conditon. .40 cal. with night sights and 2 magazines.

works 100% in great condition.



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In the S&S, about $475-$575, depending on if it BRAND new (never ever, ever fired, even at the factory) or REALLY brand new, meaning it's less than a year old and has between 50 and 5,000 round count. Or. $7,300 trade value....PLUS "dibs" if the buyer ever decides to sell it again. You should also "test the waters" first.

However, if you want a realistic value, I'd say somewhere around $375-$425 depending on actual round count and condition.

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I would agree with the above. if it has factory box and paperwork and low round count and is a 3rd gen. I bet you caould get $425 out of it. If you have a holster and a box of ammo to go with it $450. if is is just the pistol and mags with some holster wear looking in the $375 range. But there are guys out there for some reason will pay you $500 for it. maybe thet can't just walk into a gun store and buy one or something???????????????


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There's one for sale now in the S&S for $575.00. Of course it's never been fired outside the factory and it's OD.


I have one just exactly like it that I bought NEW at a danged GUN SHOW for $459.
i saw the $575 glock. it has TFO's on it, so clearly it is worth the stated value! :rolleyes:

i am pretty sure that is one of those non-dealers that inhabit the swap and sell that has it listed.


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You can buy them used at Ed's for around 350-400 bucks. I think 400 bucks is not a bad deal with mags and maybe some ammo or a holster. Good luck with the sell. Like the other guys I would spray paint the handle black and red with a couple of uga stickers on it and you should get 600 bucks in S&S for it.


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I'll take two.