How old is he?

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alright I know this is not a very big buck but it was the biggest ive seen in the woods and is now my 1st buck. Now that I have this one under my belt the next one will have to be bigger than this one(8 points or better). My question however is how do you age a deer, and how old do you feel this one was. My guess was a 2 1/2


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Do not have much experience with weights and measurements, but he was about 13 inches wide(I assume its to the widest spot), and 120 pounds so the guy at the proccesor guessed. Dragging him out of the woods he felt heavier than 120


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Good job -- the first is always the hardest to come by.

What County?


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Very nice first buck! I wish mine had been that big! My first deer was a small 4pt with about a 4" inside spread... :eek: But I'm just as proud of him as I am any buck I've taken.

That deer looks to be as others have said, 2-2.5 years old. You can age a deer by different ways. Character, facial details, body-size, sway of the back, just overall looking at them... But the most accurate way of telling how old a deer is, is to look at their teeth. I'm not sure of the details and exactly what to look for, but if the teeth are well-worn, it's an older deer... Not-so worn, young deer.

Again, congrats on a fine deer!

As for "not taking another unless he's bigger". I said that same thing 9 years ago after taking a 14" 6point, and hadn't taken a buck since, until I took the one in my avatar last year.

Don't be too hard on yourself. If you want a buck, take him. They are all trophies. :)


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looks like 2.5 years to me. Good job!!! Don't down play it, he may be young, but that's a nice deer. Considering I haven't seen anything this year, I know I would have shot him and not thought another thing about it. Congradulations!!! :cool:


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age your deer

Best method, look at the teeth. Bottom jaw, look at the molars, if the third premolar has three cusp, then your buck is 1 1/2 years or younger. If that third premolar has two cusp, then age him 2 1/2 or older. After a buck gets his permanent teeth you have to compare other features such as dentine versus enamel, tooth wear, especially on certain teeth, (distance from crown to the gum) Tooth wear varies from one region to another depending on grit and toughness of browse. Search whitetail deer on you computer, somebody will give you a chart and info to compare your future harvest. :type:
Your buck could have very well been 1 1/2 years old.
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Thanks guys for all the input and congrats.

Woody- I took him in harolson county

Delton- hope it does not take me that long, but if it does then I can wait. I have been hunting here and there for nearly 8 years and this was the 1st buck I ever shot at. Had seen plenty of spikes, small 4's and such, but this was is the biggest ive seen. I finally have a good piece of land that I can hunt as I want.

One more thing I was wondering is how racks are scored.
What would this one score maybe 60-70 ::huh: I dont have a clue how to gauge it
I don't have the information with me right now, but if you go to Q.D.M. (Quality Deer Managment) they will have charts on aging deer. Scoring a deer is over rated if you ask me. I think Buckmasters has the best scoring system, they don't deduct for one side being different from the other, typical / non-typical, etc.... if it is a trophy to you that is what matters. I rememember my first deer was a doe, as was my second. My first buck was a 10 point that weighed 186 pounds field dressed. My father had him mounted and I can still remember everything about those hunts like it was last night even tho it was 22 years ago.. wow, it was a while back and i am getting old. But if you want to score him go to Boone and Crockett for details.

Excellent buck!! Good job, keep it up.
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Thanks rich and you are right those days in the woods or on the lake with your father really stick with you.

Dont really care about scoring him, was just wondering how one went about it.

Thanks again for all the info guys.
by looking at the cusps in the lower jaw bone molars u can tell how old a deer is thier is first cusp, second cusp ,third cusp ,fourth cusp ,fifth cusp now if the brown enamel is wider than the white on the top of the tooth that equals 1 1/2 on the first cusp and on down the line meaning the 5th cusp would if the brown enamel was wider than the white while lookin at the top of the tooth it would be a 5 1 /2 plus + yr old deer!!! thats the true way to tell how old your deer is your deer could be a 1 1/2 yr old healthy buck with good genetics i wouldnt be suprised , or most likely be a 2 1/2 yr old buck (also the older bucks typically 3 1/2 yrs old have a droopin belly and sway in there back)


scoring a rack is based upon a couple of things #1 base measure ments there are 4 base measurements for a mainframe 10 pt and 3 for a main frame 8 point u can only have a maximum of four base measurements if you have a mainframe 12 or 14 pt or so on #2 u take the length of both main beams #3 u take the length of all the tines g-2 g-3 g-4 and so on then lastly u take the width of the rack the smallest inside spread measurement u can find!!! p.s. when scored both sides you must subtract any differences of one side to the other to get the net score!!!
Looks like a healthy 2 1/2 year old buck to me. Be proud and congratulations on your first! :bounce:
Nothing wrong with him.....he is pretty and it sounds like you are happy:)

Looks to be 2.5 as well.