How to "put up" or can hot peppers????


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anyone know what I'm talking about, cause I don't. I've been given a big bag of cayenne, habanero, and jalepeno peppers.

I'm guessing there's a way to put up, can, or pickle them?

Also, my grandad would put them in a small jar with vinegar (i guess) and use it as a pepper sauce like you put on greens in any good home cookin' restaurant. Anyone know how to do that? Is it just as simple as putting them in a jar with vinegar?

As you can tell, I'm ignunt about peppers.


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Almost, just boil your jars and lids good, dry the jars, stuff jars with the peppers (be sure to wash the peppers) then boil vinegar and pour over peppers, the put the lids on. As the jars cool the lids will seal. Pepper sauce will be good in a few weeks with some mustard greens or collards, with a pc. or two of deer sausage.


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For pepper sauce, boil vinegar and poor over jarred peppers. I like to add a small, ripe tomato, several slices of onion and a clove or two of garlic.

For canning, the key is to keep the peppers as water tight as possible. Do not wash peppers, wipe them with paper towel and leave stems on or snip down with sissors. Bring jars to a boil and imediately put peppers in jars. Fill with RED VINEGAR (less acidic), add one tablespoon salt and cap. Turn upside down for a day.

I think I got everything right.

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I like the white vinegar in mine but hey whatever ya like. My wife canned some for me last sat.
Follow the above instructions.

White vinegar will produce the best looking product.

I like to add a dash of salt, I think it enhances the flavor.


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I also like to mix in some red peppers to give some color to the jar - They make great gifts for folks to enjoy the fruit of the labor so to speak...
BTW forgot to add, it you add salt and want the best appearance use kosher salt (or pickling salt).

Table salt has iodine and a flowing agent that will cloud the final product.


Here`s The Redheads recipe.

Wash peppers and dry well
Pack in STERILIZED jars
Add 1 clove garlic per jar
Pour boilin` White vinegar in jar almost to top
Add just a little dab (her term) of vegetable oil in jar
Put lids on and set on counter
Listen for them to pop when they seal
If any don`t pop, refridgerate and use those first

This stuff is so good that you`ll eat your greens in a bowl so you can sop it and the potlikker up with cornbread afterwards.

She uses Cayenne Peppers for her pepper sauce. Mr. Vernon is correct, Habanero Peppers are so hot if you cut one in half and throw it out, it will set the woods on fire.
I like white vinegar, but I've got to disagree with Vernon and Nic on the habaneros. Used in moderation, they can add just the right kick to any dish. Try a few jars with only one or two habaneros mixed in with your other peppers just to see how you like it.
As a side note, you can make some great hamburger sauce with habaneros. It has a great spicey sweet taste without a drop of sugar.
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Thanks guys, looks like I'll be busy this weekend.....

thanks for all the good info, and yeah, they said those habanero's were hot..........I'll have to try at least one though, I like to learn the hard way.
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Possibly stupid question. Do you worry about air in.....

the peppers and do you cook the peppers beforehand?

Don't want to screw up all these peppers.

Thanks again everybody.
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You know the internet, reading other recipes online.....

said that you should make a few cuts in each pepper to let the air out and the fluid in? I guess under the idea that there's air in there like in a bell pepper? Just crazy internet stuff then???


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Good info! I picked about 4 gal of peppers last night b4 all this cold weather rurnd em. Im bout to do some canning. I googled "how to can peppers gon" and this is what i was looking for! Thanks!