Hunter Education Course - the "Old School"

Took mine in '96 in central WI at 11-yrs old. Until just last year, WI for the longest time had a minimum age limit of 12-yrs old to hunt. Anyway, mine was at the local high school auditorium. I recollect one night per week for a couple hours over the course of 4-weeks, with the last week being the test. We did not actually shoot, but we were allowed to bring in a rifle or shotgun. We went to the high school gym and discussed the different types of rifles/shotguns, and then we practiced safe handling and the various shooting positions. I still have my original hunter safety card locked up in my safe.

I remember the instructor bringing in a huge platter of venison summer sausage and cheese to share with everyone on the last night after their test.


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Grew up in Indiana. We took hunter's ed as part of PE and Health class in 8th or 9th grade. Once a week, in school, for 6 or 9 weeks. Even came with a range day, where Mr. Green Jeans took us to a range, and we shot clay pigeons, 22 rifle and a revolver. Would've been 1978 or 1979,


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Pennsylvania 1973. Couldn’t hunt ( carry a gun) til you were 12. Had to have hunter safety certificate. They did a day long class on some Saturdays with classroom, lunch and classroom. And outside stuff which included shooting big cans full of water to show the destruction you were holding in your hands. Pretty impressive for a kid. Still have my card somewhere. Sat through a few more with wife and kids and hope to sit through more with the grandchildren.
I took mine as an elective in 9th grade. 1984 Georgia. I still have my original too. It don't look so good though.
This was my first go round with Hunter Safety. Around 1966 I believe. Did the course again with my daughters in the 90’s. 69553C18-1226-41A2-8049-CD513071B2A7.jpeg
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