Hunting in windy conditions

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How do ya'll feel about hunting in windy weather. I hunted all day Saturday with the wind blowing and didn't see a thing. I have never had any luck hunting in the wind. What kind of luck have some of you had in the wind?



I've had limited success.......

I've seen a few deer while huntin' while it's windy.....However I've seen very few good bucks while hunting in these conditions.....

I think these mature bucks are just way to sharp to chance not being able to get up and move and be able to "work the wind" like they want to......

Now, that's not to say there won't be some up and rollin' with the "RUT" on.......They don't think very straight during those times..... :bounce: :bounce:


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Most of the season I haven't had good luck in the wind, BUT during the rut anything can happen. Last year I rattled in three bucks and killed the last one, an 11 point non typical, and the wind was blowing like crazy right in the middle of the rut in Gwinnett. I usally like to hunt OTG during high wind as it covers up your sounds and movements a little. If you can get a straight steady wind it makes it perfect for a slow stalk.
Well, you can't kill'em sitting in your easy chair watching the tube!!!!!!!! :D

Seriously, I have had some decent success when the wind was blowing. One thing you almost always have to do is leave your "normal" spots behind. I still-hunt alot when the wind is kicking. I have found that the extra noise and fluttering of leaves and such gives you a bit more room for error when you are OTG. You can also use the wind to your advantage since most of the time on a windy day the wind is more consitant and not swirling all over.

Now if the wind really starts blowing...and I am referring to those days when you would doubt the safety of sitting in a stand at all. Look for slopes that offer the deer protection from the wind. Especially on colder days. I know we do not get many of those here in GA but they do occur on occasion. On these really blustery days locate a protected area close to feeding or bedding areas and sit tight. I have witnessed deer numerous times that would move constantly when the wind was howling. I think they know their senses are not as accurate during these times and they become nervous and uneasy no matter where they try to rest. Also there is no doubt that foriegn odors travel further on a stiff breeze so the deer are constantly getting whiffs of bad things. Worst part of hunting in these conditions is staying alert since the action can be fast and fleeting.

I heard something on an old NRA deer hunting video with Jerry Chiappetta years ago that I have never forgotten. He said, "always remember, the deer are always somewhere!" It has always seemed to me there was more truth in that statement than in anything I have ever heard about hunting whitetails. The deer have to be out there when the wind is blowing just as they do when it is a pleasant 50 degrees and calm. It is up to the hunter to figure out how to locate and harvest them.

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Hunted from 6:30 AM to 2:30PM Saturday and didn't see a deer. Actually walked/still hunted around the property during this time and hunted 4 different stands. Wind was awful. Had the whole club property (280 acres) to myself. Hard to believe in November during the rut and no one shows up to hunt on a saturday morning.
I do think the wind makes the deer nervous, it seems to me they can't pick up movement in the woods with the wind blowing everything around
I hadn't ever had any luck seeing deer in the wind until yesterday. I saw three does in Heard county. 1 was working against the wind and the other 2 came with the wind. My dad was still hunting yesterday morning and walked up on a very large buck that saw him at the same time. Couldn't get a shot at him. This buck was working with the wind.


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The only places I've had any luck hunting in the wind is where the wind blows ALL the time. If you hunt in flat, treeless, always breezy regions it makes no difference whether the wind blows or not.

Otherwise, windy days are good to slip along with a pair of bonoculars and the wind in your face.


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personally, i'd rather hunt in ANY weather conditions than when it's very windy. that's not to say you won't see deer, but i've never had success in heavy winds. this weekend continued to prove that to me!


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They will come out in the wind.

I saw a 130 class buck feeding on acorns at the edge of a field in the high winds that we had Sunday morning. I also saw three does.


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My son 29 years old killed his first buck last Saturday at 7:25 am in all the wind. It was a 8 pointer, very symmetricle, weighed about 110 pounds. Made his daddy proud . :shoot: :fine: :fine: :clap:
Hopefully I can get the pictures developed tonight.
It was windy last night and tonight i saw 2 does and 1 turkey last eve my son shot a buck also and this eve i saw 2 does and 2 fox at another stand they do move in the wind.


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I hunted Saturday in Carroll Co, GA. It was very windy. I would say gusts were around 20 to 25 miles. Didn't see a anything.
I believe that the wind caused deer to stay put because of not being able to scent the air and all the noises in the woods cause the deer anxiety...
Sat we had 3 does at 8 am. Ryan shot one. Sunday, windy, huge buck walked out at 8:15. Dad shot him. Watch for small open areas that connect thick cover. They will cross, just don't like to.
Best place I've found to hunt in the wind..... in my dreams. Never have had any luck when it is really windy. I agree that deer have to be some place, but I don't happen to have any stands that are likely bedding areas during windy conditions. If you've got some likely bedding areas, then the old saying "If you don't go, you don't know" comes into play. I have also found that I'd rather hunt evenings when it is windy as it seems just before sundown, the wind will die down and deer will move. That happened to me this past Saturday. It just didn't happen soon enough as I was barely able to see the one deer that I saw for the day. Sunday was similar, but the wind dropped off earlier and I got the chance to shoot a spike about 20 times with my camera.



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It was windy last Saturday AM and I saw 6 deer. I think fields and clear cuts are the places to be when the wind is blowing.

If you hunt around any large fields stay on the edges of them on windy days. Try to do as someone said earlier, find the corner that is kinda hidden or shielded from the wind. Deer in general do not like to be in hardwoods during windy days unless you hunt in the mountains. In the mountains the wind blows most of the time. You need to find the side of the ridge that is shielded from the wind. When it is windy I like to hunt big fields that are bordered by cutovers or if they have creek bottom tickets close by. The deer will use the creek bottoms due to the shielding from the wind and travel to the fields. They like to bed where they can see a long ways when the wind blows. Any deer will stand up ever so ofter to stretch and reposition when they are bedded. You just need to be alert and willing to sit and wait. If you are on a field that has a cutover or thicket close by when the wind settles for a little or just slows down the deer will move around some giving you a look at them. If the rut is going I will hunt the most open place I can find in the wind. You can kill deer in all weather conditions you just have to be out there. No guarantees but who knows what will happen if you are out there.

Hunt hard, hunt safe and God bless.
Good luck.


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I shot a doe sat moring and the wind was up to 20mph.
That evening I had a nice 8pt under my climber for about 20 minutes and it was real windy. I'm going to give that 8 another year to grow. But I think if it wasn't rut I would not have seen him. He was making a scrape.