hunting knife?


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Any of us knifemakers can make one that would do you proud. Check the Hobbies, Crafts and Homebrews forum for several of our posts.

I forge and grind stock removal and have made several 1095 blades that worked really fine...but I have made more out of 52100, 1084 and 1075 that worked just as well....its a personal decision.
I had one of the guys forge me one, and have absolutely no regrets. There are some guys on the forum that do great work.

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Most any of us custom makers can make you a hunting knife using 1095 if that is the steel of choice for you.
As GD57 mentioned, there are a lot of other quality blade steels out there as well and most can be accommodated.

Few things to consider that will make your request simpler to handle:
1-Be more specific as to what "Hunting Knife" means to you. Picture of what you like is always helpful.
2-Know what size blade you want.
3-Be as specific as you can: a-blade design, length, width, overall shape, etc. b-handle material preference (wide range of choices) c-fittings preference ie. guard/no guard, material, etc. d-finish: mirror polish, matt, forged, etc. e-"bling": file work, engraving, cerakoted, etc. f-sheath preference: leather, kydex, belt carry, pocket carry, high ride or low ride, ornate or plain

As you can see there are a lot of variables to consider and some require adjustment in a price quote. Therefore, the more specific you are the more likely you are to be pleased with what you get. Also "Custom" means you can have a one-of-a-kind knife that would be very personal to you.
Give it some thought.