Hunting Lease......??????

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Have been on this site for a week or so now.
I keep reading about hunting lease'sand hunt clubs.
If you want a good spot in Georgia to hunt deer do you need to lease or join a club?

Is there public lands to hunt, do they get high pressure for everyone?

I live in Nebraska, we have plenty of public ground and it does not get used much. Leasing ground is starting to get big here it is done on a one on one level with the landowner and hunter.

We have a high whitetail population and getting permission to hunt Doe with a bow or muzzy is easy to get.

It is almost impossible to get permission to hunt Pheasants and quail.


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Public land gets hammered down here from season opener to the end of season. The best bet is to have your own private property, next best is leased property with very close friends. Very hard to get land owners is some parts of the state to give permission.


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What you go through for pheasant and quail is probably close to the same thing we go through for deer in the south. Public lands get pounded and private lands cost through the roof. I envy your deer hunting in Nebraska and the freedoms you enjoy regarding that ability to find places to hunt at a relatively low price, enjoy it while you can cause times they are a changin'.:hair:
in georgia, at least in southeast georgia, a large majority of the land is owned by paper and timber companies such as rayonier, international paper, and other large international corporations that produce wood and paper products. they own so much land, that they can name their price and people will pay it. 2 years ago our hunting club paid $3.50 per acre for 6200 acres. last year we paid nearly double that and this year it went up another 20%. with 35 paying members, that's about $1200 a person.


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Georgia,Population 10 Million.Nebraska,Population 2 Million.Price is determined by demand.Lots of demand for hunting land in GA.