Hunting with Go Pro Hero Session

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I am having trouble getting quality video out of my go pro hero session. I realize thag it is the low end of the go pro cameras, but i expected a little more. I have it set on “1080 superview, 48fps, and wide angle”. Does anybpdy else happen to use theirs for hunting?
Hopefully someone with experience will chime in. Till then, just keep shooting and adjusting. Good luck.
I use a Tactacam which has a 5x zoom so you can actually see the game when recording your hunt. It's a camera made for hunters so it's very hunter friendly.


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I don't have the go pro hero session, but I do have the hero 3 white edition which I have used for hunting. it's the cheapest version of the actual hero 3 cameras and it records fine, only downfall is that you cannot zoom in.. As Ghost G mentioned above, I have a friend who uses the Tactacam on both his shotgun and his bow and he gets some awesome footage. Maybe you can give that a try! I have a clip on youtube using both my gopro and my dads camcorder. you can see the difference. name on YT is SouthernHuntress829 if you want to check it out..