hunting wrong areas early season??

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i have noticed a pattern here on woody's about unsuccessful opening weekend hunts. now, i am no expert by any means, but a lot of folks are hunting either food plots, muscadines or oak stands, looking for feeding deer and not seeing many, if any, deer. this time of year, i believe, there is an abundance of forage throughout the woods and it is hard to concentrate on one specific area til around the beginning of november. i feel that targerting trails to and from bedding areas is superior early season opposed to hunting over hard or soft mast areas. once the acorns disappear, b/c there are so many, the food plots will work then. i have had great success the last few years looking for travel areas early season. maybe this'll help someone out. heck, it can't hurt. also, i have noticed less deer by the side of the road lately. it is b/c there is so much forage available in the security of the forest.


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good call ugabowhunter. Noticed several beds today on the edge of a lural thicket w/ white oak acorns in them. They don't have to move very far.

Gotta sneak in close to a bedding area, watch the wind, and hope for the best.