Hurricane = Planted this weekend

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Gone Fishin

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I planted this weekend and was hoping for a little rain. Now the storm may dump ~6" of rain on my plots NW of Valdosta. I hope that it doesn't wash the seed into puddles. (Claypeas, winter rye, clover mix)

We will see how it does in a few weeks.
Well...we've held out long as we can. we gonna be driving up right behind the storm, hopefully to get plots planted....seems like it aught to work:)


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I replanted some of mine that didn't come up, due to being in direct sunlight and no rain, this past weekend. Rained hard right after I planted so I am hoping they sprout just before the rains from the hurricane comes in on Thursday.


...just joking, seriously.
I've been waiting on mine in southern Upson because of the Heat, initially.
Then there was a 15 day forecast with no rain, still waiting.
Got everything plowed and harrowed and ready. Looks like this coming Tuesday will be good for us. Latest I've ever planted.


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We put 5 in Saturday
One is being done this morning as the rain hits


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Planted 12 last weekend..earlier then I wanted but, thought I'd take advantage of the certainty of Micheal's rain...hope I did right?