I’ve had it with fast food!

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My daughter wanted a Blizzard from DQ yesterday, and I wanted to stop in for a Dilly Bar. When they brought the Blizzard to the window, they turned it upside down. If I wanted to buy an upsidedownwards Blizzard, I’d have asked for one! Enough with the egregious showmanship. Just give me the Blizzard!

NE GA Pappy

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they turn yo Dilly upside down too?
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So sad about the whole DQ thing yesterday, I went to the Golden Arches this afternoon. Bought a Happy Meal. Still sad. I hate fast food.
Me too. Lets see if we can hissy as long as the GON Possee did. Yeeeehaaaawwww!:ROFLMAO:
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Why are HAMburgers made with beef? Fast food conspiracy to confuddle American minds.
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Someguyintraffic, I completely see your side now.


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CHik fil a would have held it upside down the entire time it was being passed through all 12 of the sweaty servers to you’re location.
We ate at a DQ Friday. When they handed to 7 year old Grandson his Blizzard they turned it upside down. So when we sat down guess what. We ended up with Blizzard on the table, and he ended up getting a spanking from Grandpa.


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Dr. Spock admitted before he passed that book was incorrect.


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I wish I had a blizzard about now. The closes DQ is about 60 ty miles. Closes store open now. Maybe 30ty mikes.
I think y’all are spoiled 😎
If they don’t turn your blizzard upside down it’s free at participating locations and it’s exactly what you the customer does not want your kid to do with it.
It’s done so the parents will go buy the kid another $5 cup as soon as it melts enough around the edges to spill. Same with a cone.
Double dippin🙃


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I agree the "upside down" gimmick is dumb.

Fast food is generally something I tried to either avoid or at least limit to a once a week thing......excluding drive thru coffee....that happens as needed.


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They do that at our DQ in Dawsonville, it really really bugs my wife.

I’m more worried about the fact that every fast food joint is Dawsonville is run my people on drug court. We have 40+ food service restaurants in Dawsonville, apparently all being staffed by drug court parolees so they stay out of jail.

My wife called the Burger King manager in Dawsonville because it was obvious the drive through cashier was tweaking on meth.

Long rant to say check your fast food before u eat it
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Went by Chikfila this evening for an Icedream cone. Ordered it, paid for it, and started to drive away. The friendly window helper said “hey- we made too many cups of Icedream for a customer. You want one for free?” Just wow. I went right then and bought a lottery ticket for the Mega Millions.