I can't resist! Proud 'Gampa'...


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She's a cutie. I'm a few years away, but also looking forward to it.


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Yessir I know how you feel. It so happens that we have a granddaughter who is also named Adelyn and she's about the same age too! My wife and I babysit on Wednesdays she is already over there and I'm off to pick up some sausage biscuits from the local cafe. I would say we are blessed!
Congrats, beautiful little Angel!

I've got one myself. He's watchin over the Ol Man Boudreaux.

Showin some Love!


I can assure you he's All Boy, despite those curly locks.

They are gone now, sure nuff looks like a little man.



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ain't it great! she is beautiful- we got to play w/ our babies tuesday and got this new pic on my avatar.. that new boy there is wild as a buck.. Haleigh is a little softball player..