I didn't know I've been feeding this?

Need to drop her before she drops those pigs.

I agree with that for sure because before long, you will have so many running around and several months later you will have more, more, more, more, more, and more. Even two hogs can be really destructive and will eat everything in sight, can also kill some large trees as well, and totally ruin your pasture, and after all of that they will leave NOTHING for your deer to eat for survival so ultimately, your deer will leave and try to find food on someone else property. Unfortunately, I know this firsthand !!!!!!! :banginghe:banginghe:banginghe

Get rid of ONE before you have hundreds of them instead !!!!

Sounds like lots of target practice is needed immediately !!! :shoot::shoot::shoot::shoot::shoot::shoot::shoot::shoot::shoot::shoot::shoot::shoot::shoot::shoot::shoot::shoot::shoot::shoot:
That is one ugly hog... haha, bbq

NE GA Pappy

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i'd say she has done dropped them.


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NOW, that land is worth hunting:cheers:

Sorry...........me loves some BBQ!:bounce: