I found a stolen car in the lake with my Helix 9SI!

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I made a video about when I found a stolen car in the lake with my Helix 9 SI. There are pictures of the car on the bottom of the lake from my graph in the video. Check it out.

Have you ever found anything crazy in the lake?
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Thanks guys! In new to making videos so it's really nice to hear that people enjoy them. Don't forget to subscribe so you can see any new videos I come up with.
Somebody found one up here in Lake Burton a week or so ago. The paper said they found it same way, then ran a camera down.
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Decked out

Ya there were catfish still in it when we got it out.

That is cedar creek in the background but not where I found the car.

The "Toy" they bring out is cool. But it can get closer than I was to the car and the picture was no clearer than what I had on my graph.

Sorry guys there is probably a better way to reply to all of you but this was the easiest! Lol


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My 2001 Chevy Cavalier was stolen from Toto creek...company block page has video blocked ... was this Lanier? What make/ model? My car was never found