I Got a Project Car !! You Gotta Guess What it is !!

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The main criteria is that no individual engine part could weigh over about 25 lbs.

What did I get ????? First correct answer gets an Attaboy !!
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Took a trip with my buddy to Sault st Marie in the winter in a bug,,,,good Lord,,,,no heat,,,,


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Definitely a patina car right now. I had a 63 Beetle in HS and a 59 Baja Bug 72 - 73.
Haha, my first guess thought was a Baja buggy but I thought a VW Beetle would be more practical. My dad tells stories of family trips to the beach in one and my brothers and I all did the Punch Buggy "game" growing up. The few times we went by a bug graveyard was 10 hits or something haha!


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I bought a Le Car for 150 bucks back in the early 80s and took it to deer camp, bout 10 beer thirty I thru the keys on the table and said "whos up for some terrace jumping??", Its prob still upside down in the woods where we crawled out of it:p:ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO: .
That’s the one vehicle I never saw while I was stationed in Germany. A VW bug. We used to cut the body off and make a redneck dune buggy out of them back home in the mountains. You could ride thru 2-3 counties on the gas lines. That was before everybody went deer crazy and before 4 wheelers were around.
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Well, I got a tag!! Had to do the popo VIN inspection. The guy was a complete gearhead and we gabbed for an hour or more about cars, the education system, the direction the country is going, etc.

So I take that form back to the tag office and Hagerty hasn't submitted my ins to the GA system. I call them and they say about an hour. I head back home and half way there they call and say it's been done. Go back and everything goes smoothly and the clerk says $20. I write the check and head out with my tag.

I get home and it hits me, WAIT A MINUTE, WHAT ABOUT THE SALES TAX ? I call them up and they check it and say that I'm on the old style yearly advalorem tx and will get a bill on my birthday..... I thought all new purchases were going to be taxed once ??? Whatever... At least I'm no longer worrying about it.

Now I can start refurbing.
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Oh yeah, the tag # is RTV#### Ray's Third Volkswagen which it is :)


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Ultimate sleeper. Even put the "whistler pipes" on it to create that distinct exhaust note those Beetles were known for.