I guess I will go first

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LOL since we are only 1 month and 16 days away from deer season, I figured I would get a jump on some of the soon to be future post LOL....... wHerE aRe thE dEer?, nOtHiNg mOvInG GoT dOwN aT 8:30 AM, tHeY arE aLrEaDy NoCtUrNaL, whEn iS tHe RuT? Feel free to add your favorite obligatory deer season GON froum post.


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Stay in the stand... getting down at 830 only minimizes the chances of seeing the elusive beast... Also my thermacell just stopped working...
I just shot a big buck. Hit him perfect behind the shoulder on the left side and can't find blood or hair. Don't need a dog I just think I should have never used a .243. I knew I should have bought a .300 Weatherby Magnum.
I shot this cull buck with a 300 untra magnum why can’t I find any blood? I made a good Texas heart shot it should be laying there dead. No way it could survive this caliber hit anywhere in the body