I had an exceptional deer season but im glad it's over

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Probably had my best season ever. I bow hunted 5 times and killed 3 mature does. November had me chasing a 10 pointer that I had been seeing on camera since July but never in person. One early November morning I had decided to move locations mid morning due to the wind and I had no longer sat down when my 1st buck of the season showed up. A doe popped out with a 4 1/2 year old 10 pointer hot on her heals. At the shot he mule kicked and ran but didnt leave any sign of a hit. We looked for a hour and choked it up as a miss although I was all but sure I hit him. 8 days later I returned to the same area to hunt and smelled him. He had only ran a 100 yards or so through some planted pines and died. Disappointed that I didnt get the meat but happy to still have his rack. I tagged him because I thought it was the right thing to do since I knew i killed him. I had never seen this buck before.

Later in November I was sitting in a ground blind that I had just put up the day before watching over some dropping swamp chestnut oaks. It had been a slow morning when I heard just a little something in the canes in front of me. I knew immediately I was shooting him but didnt pay attention that it was the buck that I had been hunting over a mile away. I shot him with my blr 308 and he only made it about 30 yards and fell. I had my 2nd 4 1/2 year old 10 pointer of the season.

I also killed 5 pigs and 1 more doe with a rifle. Most importantly I enjoyed hunting with some of my closest friends all year.

Really looking forward to knocking the dust off of my coon dog and preparing for turkey season now. FB_IMG_1542298832469.jpg FB_IMG_1542639155544.jpg FB_IMG_1538352851396.jpg FB_IMG_1539011598306.jpg FB_IMG_1539619029010.jpg FB_IMG_1546807865399.jpg FB_IMG_1541162180109.jpg FB_IMG_1541994115316.jpg FB_IMG_1541994120873.jpg FB_IMG_1545237930607.jpg


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Looks like another great season man!! I would take one like that every year


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Glad you did so well! I feel blessed to have had a great season too, but I’m sad to see it go. It’s like college football. I may not enjoy it every opportunity I get, but it’s sure nice to know it’s there.
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I know what you mean.... I love to see it come but when it's over, I'm ready for it to be over. I go, go , go and go. Warn down like a buck out of rut LOL...

Congrats on a great season!
You done good this year Brandon. Those two bucks are dandys. Did you get any ducks?


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good job . my motto is -if i think i missed then FIND that arrow . if i have to go to town, home depot or whatever , get a leaf rake or whatever it takes and FIND that arrow.. i had a similar story years ago

Jim Boyd

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Yes. Yes, you did have an awesome season.

Great work!!