I have been ruined

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I am currently in Córdoba Argentina.as much as I love my Georgia woods and fields,I think I will just stay at the cabin and watch my Dawgs play on opening day.this is my first time here,not my last,but I am completely ruined,the birds here are endless.i will tell you all,put it on your bucket list.its truely a trip of a life time.
Was there last year and no one can tell the experience . It has to be first hand.
I went about 10 years ago now I guess. I have been dreaming of going back ever since, and even bought a trip at a DU banquet auction a couple years ago. I was never able to get a group committed or commit the time/money myself so was not able to take advantage of that unfortunately :banginghe .
It is definitely something that you cannot explain. As many times as I've tried I always just end up saying exactly that...If you are a wing shooter it is a must-do bucket list trip, and is truly the best in the world.