I have questions on Ossabaw Island hunt. Never been

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We got picked to go on the Oct 21-23 archery hunt. I've been to Sapelo a lot, but never Ossabaw. How does the camping, bathhouses, deer cooler, hunting areas, everything, etc. compare to Sapelo? Any suggestions on getting over there. I know we need to provide own transportation. This means I will need to hire a boat. Does anybody know a good Capton? If the areas are numbered, can you point me in the right direction for animals. I have lots of arrows :shoot: Any suggestions or advice on Ossabaw will be well taken and appricated.

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I have been twice and would like to go back but at my age (66) I can't afford to waste a year getting a reject. My last archery hunt there took two rejects. I switched to Sapelo last year and this year. I will be going on the Nov. archery hunt on the south end.

All of the areas are good on Ossabaw. I hunted 32E & 34E and killed deer both times. You can also hunt the walk-in areas around the camp site.

Call the Kilkenny Marina for boat rides. Get there early as they take you in the order you sign up. Five a.m. is not too early. The first ones to the island get their choice of hunting areas.

The main drawback to Ossabaw is the showers did not have hot water and the pickup time in the morning was at 10 a.m. which is too early. You will be on daylight savings time and will not be able to shoot until 7:15 / 7:30. That means you have 2.5 hours to shoot,track and drag your deer to the road. An option would be to stay out all day but you could not get a late killed deer to the cooler and it can be hot in Oct. Another option is to hunt the walk-in area around the camp ground and go and come as you please. We tried to get a 11 a.m. pickup like Sapelo but they would not take our suggestion. The Sapelo hunt is on EST which gives you two more hours of morning hunting.

Last year was my first trip to Sapelo and would like some advice on some good areas to hunt this year.