I just wanted to say hello to everybody.

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I just wanted to say hello to all of you out there and say thanks for letting me be a part of this joyful congregation of men & women.I wanted to tell you a little bit about myself so you could get to know me.I'm 45yrs old ,I'm married,have four beautiful daughters,a loving gorgeous wife and a GOD that supplies my every need.I've been a member for about a month and have enjoyed reading the threads that have been written.I've also learned somethings from ya'll also.I used to work with jody hawk for several years and I think very highly of that man.He's the only one on Woodys I know personally.My dad served in the army for 17yrs and was killed in Viet Nam,my mom served in the WAC for 11yrs and then raised me, my brother and sis pretty much on her own after dad died.I never went into the military I guess because I felt like I was raised up in the military.My morals growing up were love Jesus, love your family,love your country, remember your manners and do you want a flattop or a crewcut.I live down around hard labor creek state park in Social Circle.I really do appreciate ya'll letting me become part of your family .May GOD bless each of you and your families. Thanks SUPERDAVE


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Welcome SUPERDAVE, glad you joined us. We won't hold knowing Jody against you.:bounce: By the way GO DAWGS.:D


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Welcome to the campfire Dave. You should come say "hey" in the Billy threads.


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From 2006.

Welcome from the future.