I ordered these deer stands made here in Canton Ga

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I couldn't be happier than I am with these three stands made here in Canton GA

I met Greg shooting shotguns at Garland Mountain and we stared talking about deer stands out there for sale.

I looked at the Redneck blinds, Bas Pro Shop , Cabelas ou name it and I ended up getting three of these.

I was very happy with the results and stood these up with my 45 horse Massey Fergusson.

Great deer stands but there not cheep.
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Hers a couple but I am trying to upload others

This one is 4 x 4 but I also bought two 4 x 6

Air tight windows that are custom ordered by Greg

This isn't your easy to do make it at home Deer Blind
everything is made from steel other than the T-111 painted boards on the exterior