I owe an apology

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I owe an apology to Sinclair1 and all others. My posts about meat. Were factually incorrect.

I was wrong.

I post this to start a new thread so it is front a center not buried pages deep.
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One thing i really dislike is to be arguing with someone and realize halfway through that their right.
I don't recall ever learning much from people that agree with me. I try not to get emotional by an exchange of ideas.

All I want is adherence to the facts. I did not do that and fell short of my own standards. It's why I felt the need to apologize.

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We're all human, NOYDB. None of us are perfect- certainly not myself.

Have a good night, brother.


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Not many men will admit to being RONG. Hats off sir. :cheers:
But my first thought was, SAY IT AINT SO. :bounce: