i shot the decoy bear at cohutta


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When are yall going to stop encouraging this idiot?!
The idiot who stalked a decoy? Legally...

any ways, can we get a sticky outa this? I love reading it every time it comes up


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I don't know what I enjoy more about this thread;

1)the fact that someone spotted a bear decoy, drove past it, stalked around behind it and shot it.


2) some of the noobs that just got on here and didn't read the whole thread.

they are both equally entertaining.
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That is hilarious. The GW was mad because you shot his decoy and he couldn't charge you with anything, so he made up some things to write you a warning ticket for. Had he written a real ticket you could have easily gotten it thrown out. One of those cases where you got him and he can't stand being wrong.
The heck with spiderman, ga alan is officially my new hero. :whip:
You should have looked him right square in the face and said " I want the name of your taxidermist !!!! Man he does some awesome work!!! except for that little hole in this ones head right there!!!". I bet next time he will not be squatted behind the bushes with his pants down after a truck goes by ! He didn't charge you with shooting a law officer since they use these to trap road hunters same as k9s for law enforcement or aggravated assault on a dummy? Wish they would have been filming this for the new show GAME WARDENS ON THE HILL!!! LOL YOU ARE THE MANS MAN LOL.


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Ok folks not trying to spoil peoples laughs but I'm thinking this over with the mindset of an experienced super cautious turkey hunter that has used legal decoys on occasion and I think the GW was asking for trouble and creating a seriously dangerous situation. As a turkey hunter I do not choose setups where another hunter could stalk my decoy and get in a position to shoot at the decoy with me opposite from the shooter (without me seeing him) or for me to accidentally shoot a silent stalking hunter coming in from a position I might shoot towards.

I mean face it, there are circumstances where decoys are unsafe. This stuffed bear situation was one of those. How do I know that? Because the man got off a shot without the GW knowing it was coming! If he couldn't guarantee that wouldn't happen the bear should not have been placed there. What if he was walking up to remove the bear at the time of the shot? Poor man that fired the gun would have had to live with something like that for life through no fault of his own.

What if a shot, in direction of the road, missed and hit a passing car? It is not hard to imagine someone trekking around the woods and coming up on the back side of the clearing and not even know they were in the vicinity of the road. GW probably had cover from a shot from the road but not from the back or side. I mean years ago I read a news story about a hunter that was shot and killed by another bow hunter while the two stalked the same deer from opposite positions. One of them shot and missed the deer hitting the other man in the chest.

Folks in some ways this bear story is funny but the longer I think about it the scarier it gets for me.

Bingo. Those GWs should have been reported and disciplined. They created a situation which has the propensity to get someone injured. Their future actions should be supervised by a grownup with a bit of common sense before someone gets killed.

i look at a gw truck and see the gw that wrote me the warning tickets, all 6foot 6 and 300 lbs of him, i walk over and ask if any one else has shot the decoy bear legally....wow he glarred at me and said as far as he was concerned no one had ...ever... shot the decoy bear legally..
And THIS is why they should have been reported and reprimanded.
This is the best thread I have seen on here. I read it all the way through every so often and it was just as funny the 4th time as it was the first time. The few jerk's comments seem to make me madder every time I read them.
A few years ago(after I read this thread) I was riding in Twiggs county and as I passed a freshly plowed up peanut field I saw a bear that appeared to be eating peanuts. I didn't get a good look at it so I turned around and drove back by. The bear was still there and I turned around again. The bear wasn't moving so I banged on the outside of my truck door several times and roared as loud as I could. The bear didn't move a muscle. Either it was scared stiff by me or it was a decoy. I had my rifle in the truck(for hogs, it was before deer season) so I cleared out of the area as fast as I could because I didn't want to be accused of bear hunting from the road. I thought about this thread while this was happening. Of course the bear(or decoy) was in no danger of being shot by me from the road.
There was another thread on here we GA Alan said he ran into the game warden that wrote him the warnings. He said he asked the warden "so, has anybody else shot the decoy legally?" He said the warden was none to happy with the question.

That made the original story even more funny.