i shot the decoy bear at cohutta

This is probably the best thread ever.


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One of my fav threads, too funny!
Never gets old. Just as funny today as it was when I read it a few years ago. Timeless classic!

I wished you would have asked the GW if he had an idea how much it'd cost if you chose to mount it. Bet that would have bout put him over the edge.:D


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I loved this thread I remember when he first posted it I was in my stand and started laughing out loud I could not help it I could actually see him in my mind I think it's the best one I've read.
I have a friend that was actually ticketed for doing the same thing except on a deer. He went to court and did not beat it.
This may be the "best thread ever" for being interesting, but I get upset every time I read it or think about it.

That "hunting from vehicle" law needs to be amended to clarify that happening to see an animal while you are on your way to your pre-selected hunting spot is NOT hunting from the vehicle or using a vehicle to pursue game.

This law is way too broad, or too vague, and should be struck down by the courts or amended by the legislature.

Unfortunately, local courts are far less concerned about correct statutory construction (interpretation) and constitutional rights (vague laws violate due process clause) than they are concerned about getting cases handled (finding you guilty without a jury trial is quick) and generating revenue for the government (that's why dismissals / not guilty verdicts are rare).