I spoke too soon

Your above photos look sort of like these three from last week that also involved a small spike buck.

I'm thinking that this little spike is getting a good lesson on the "pecking order".

It was strange as they both apparently walked their separate ways after this sequence with obviously no harm done because the very next photo was me showing up about 3 hours later to pull the cards etc.

This camera location was the very first one that I started using back in 2010 and this particular location on this tree is located at about 2 1/2 - 3 feet above the ground and has always had plenty of bucks and does that loved to walk up and look right into the camera and then pose for several photos each time. It is like a magnet for bucks at this location, especially this year with photos at most every hour of the day and night.

I have also used this same tree location to test a lot of my cameras initially too. I would place two cameras on this tree with one located right above the other and then compare the results each week. I still do this as I frequently buy lots of different model WGI cameras. I just got new two shipments in this past Tuesday and I will be testing them as well this way.

These photos were made with a WGI Illusion 8 LIGHTSOUT, Model i8B20R, Tru-Bark design. So far since January 1st of this year, this camera location has taken 9,873 photos.

The two cameras that you can see right over the back of the spike are both the WGI Blade X6 models. These are actually facing at different angles and get different views in each.

T-CAM # 2 UPPER            10-6-18 498.JPG T-CAM # 2 UPPER            10-6-18 499.JPG T-CAM # 2 UPPER            10-6-18 500.JPG
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