If 2018-19 deer season was shut down. What would you do?


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Rabbit hunt every weekend....
I'd continue to deer hunt.If they shut down the season,no licenses would be sold,so no money would go to Mr.Green Jeans and he wouldn't be out there.


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Well, that would possibly mean that the game wardens wouldn't have a job to do either, so I may just fire up one of one of my brand new atvs and go tear up some WMA property. At least make me some well worn trails that I could walk easier in and out of the woods. Heck, I don't mind some outlaw trail riding.


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I'd make a movie called "The Game Law Abiding Citizen". And I'd find all you wannabe law breakers, and I'd skin yo tail like a catfish!


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Celebrate that for once the small game hunter got a break.
Buy myself a new rabbit hound and run it until there was no hair left on it’s tail.