If you are ever in portland, maine

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Prime rib, lobster stew, and balsamic dressing salad at DiMILLO'S, an upscale restaurant that is a converted ferry boat permanently docked at the bay on the water front.



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Lawd have Mercy !!!!!!!!!

Top notch !!!!

Safe travels.


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If it tasted as good as it looks, I know you left happy, happy, happy. Excellent!!!


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Man that looks good! Duck Fat in Portland is incredible too. We ate there a couple years ago on our way up to Bar Harbor.
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Ha We didn't go in DiMILLO'S for the atmosphere; we went for the prime rib and the lobster stew. Never had any any better, both 10+ on the scale in my opinion.

WE love Portland and go there once and sometimes twice a year for a couple of days. I am told Portland has more places to eat per capita than any city in America so can certainly pick what you like. We are fond of DiMILLO'S and also a hole in the wall named Gilberts Chowder House. Tried lots of places, but we like those for the food we like- again not looking for atmosphere; although we like the atmosphere at DiMILLO'S--its very, very nice in our opinion, but then what do I know, I'm just an old small town red neck country guy.
Man that looks good! My favorite place is actually a little dive north of Portland that serves great lobster rolls. My mother-in-law, a Maineac, had been going there for over 60 years and we always had to stop on the way up from Boston.
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My wife and I rented a car one year and drove up to LLBean and also went to a number of lobster roll "dives" that had been recommended by my youngest son's best friend from college who grew up in Portland. A place call "Reds" was the only one we never got to.

What was the name of the dive you went to and where was it? Our favorite place for lobster was on the water front in Portland. The name was Three Sons. The dock they were on was condemned, and I don't know what happened to them. They shipped live lobster and would steam you one from their pens and with it provided steamed clams. You ate at a picnic table on the dock outside their establishment.

We were given the name of Eventide Oyster Company as a restaurant that has award winning lobster roll in the area of the Water Front, but we didn't go.