If you could only have three.....


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Can I pick 3 more,,,,my dads
Sporterized M1,with a mannlicher stock and pistol grip,loud,but accurate
M1 Garand,heavy,but reliable
Remington 700 SPS,223,,,,
My 1970 Winchester 94 in 30/30
My Browning BPS in 12 ga
My 1960's vintage Ruger 10/22
Only 3 long guns?

I'd have to make an AR type semi-auto rifle my one and only centerfire gun.
I'd use that for hunting deer, predator control (coyotes beyond 50 yards), and my "Second Amendment" militia weapon for defending my home and community.
But, it would probably be a 20" barreled rifle, with a full length fixed stock, not a SWAT type tactical carbine.

My shotgun-- could be just about anything that uses sets of screw-in chokes.
Probably a pump. Maybe I'd go old-school on this and get a Winchester model 12 or 1200, or an Ithaca model 37. I'd prefer it in 20 gauge. I can handle 12 bore just fine, but I want to teach women, kids, and newbies the art of shooting shotguns too, so let's make it a 20 ga.

My rimfire-- that would have to be a Ruger 10/22. I want the options of easily swapping-out barrels, stocks, etc. I might have a gunsmith accurize it by tightening the chamber and reducing the weight of the trigger pull from 8 lbs. or whatever horrible weight it comes with from Ruger down to a reasonable 3 lbs.


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Remington 760 .30-06
Remington 870 Express 12ga.
Marlin 881 22lr


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Ruger 77 all weather .308
Marlin Model 60 .22
Savage Model 550 20 gauge SxS