Im tired of the wind


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The wind has blown just about every time Ive hunted this year...It cost me a big fat doe last weekend...I hope it will quit soon...I don't remember it blowing like this is years past during bowseason...
Brandon, just got back from Wilkes Co. I only saw two does at a dead run at the back creek around 8:07. Some one has been in there with a 4-wheeler. Persimmons still on the tree.


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It was nice this morning! But I don't recall a bow season where the wind has been from the north so much as it has this year - I like that though - We've got a lot of good stands for a northern wind :)
I agree HT, It was beautiful morning. I had a big ol' Doe bed down in front of me at 40 yards for about an hour this morning. :)


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I know watcha mean Brandon,

sometimes tryin' to hunt or fish in the wind really blows my skirt up! :D

We still have plenty of time. Heck, the huntin' don't get good until October no way. :)




I hear ya bud.....

It's not only the fact that it is blowing.....

But, it's "swirling"......You can't get a determination on "ONE SET DIRECTION" in which it's coming....

That's a tough thang to deal with.... :( :(


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I thought it was just me

I have not been able to determine which stand location to use. The winds are swirling and this has cost me on at least three occassions. I have been winded and sat there thinking how in the world did that deer smell me. All I could figure was the winds were swirling somehow. I thought I was the only one getting this.


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The wind has blown my cover almost every time I,ve been in the woods this year. So much for these crappy Scent lok products . "Forget the wind, just hunt" my tail. Where do these guys hunt? because the deer there must all have colds or sinus infections.

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At Lease Your Seeing Deer, I Havn't Seen A Thing :(
Just About Ready To Hang It Up For The Year.