Important life lesson...

Ouch. I've done that myself, it's not fun.

SC Hunter

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Buttermilk will take the burn out. I know I looked ridiculous pouring buttermilk on myself in the shower that time!


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Rydert, where you been man? We mist seeing your postes.


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I can attest to CAREFUL WHAT YOU TOUCH. It gives new meaning to ZING WHAT A FEELING

Self learned lesson is better that one taught


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I rubbed my nose with jalapeno juice on my hand once. the only way i finally got it to stop burning was to shove dish soap up my nose and scrub. Wouldn't want to get that stuff in any other orifices for sure :hair:


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Hope his goat has forgiven him

mrs. hornet22

Floor sweeper, dish washer
So now we know the trick to making them racing goats win.

I miss Dert.:(