Indian campsite questions...??

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Derek Edge

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This may have been discussed before, but I have heard several different theories about this. Some say the indians in my neck of the woods (along the lower Oconee River) would camp up on high river banks (bluffs) during the winter, and down in the low-lying sections in the summer. Do you guys think there is any truth to this? Or better yet, what would your theory be behind where they may have camped at? Maybe the info will help all of us understand what to look for while out searching for artifacts, any one care to explain?
Seasonal Camps

Derek, I'd actually go with the other way around: higher ground in the warmer months (to minimize mosquitos and snakes) and down lower in the winter (more wind breaks than sitting on a hill or ridge). In the coastal areas, fish would often come into the bays so again, the Indians moved down to lower elevations to exploit resources.

As for hunting arrowheads, generally speaking higher ground (ridgelines or terrace margins) that border natural waterways (rivers, creeks and swamps) are always a good bet.


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It's almost that simple. Put youself in their shoes and where would you live? Of course there is a lot of difference between the life styles seperated by thousands of years. Way too much info to boil down to a paragragh or two. Go to the library or buy some books- Google-- -Paleo--- Archaic--Woodland---Mississippian Peroid. You are in for a lot of reading---enjoy it--- :type: