Interest rates on the rise. Hard to finance anything. Especially toys

To finance anything that is a depreciating asset is not a good idea, unless it is an asset that makes positive cash flow after debt service. Debt=Slavery to the lender. These people who keep trading vehicles that they are upside down in only to go further upside down are doing themselves no favor, with the exception of a new car with a warranty does bring some stability to the cost of owning a vehicle. I knew I was on the way to financial success when I started paying cash for my vehicles.

As of today, I will totally debt free. Selling my old big house. Last chain of slavery will be gone.


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But looking at these luxury 60k dollar campers pulled by 80k dollar diesels... I'd love to buy one my family can enjoy.
Go into the camping forum, and search around for the guys that have posted the enclosed trailers turned camper. Look at some of the pics they post? Are they having any less fun with their family than the guy with 140k of consumer debt?

Be creative, and don't envy the guy next to you.
Who was it that said the difference between men and boys is the price of their toys?
I like nice things too, but if I cant afford to pay cash for them, I dont really need them. I would love one of those new Trail Hawks, but for now I will continue to drive my 8 year old truck with 200K on it. Maybe one day, if I ever get the money saved up, I might buy a used one.


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41 years on this earth and we have never financed a toy or owned a credit card till a year ago. I got a home depot card strictly for building credit. Mine is stale since I don't have a lot of revolving debt. I figure if I can't afford it I don't need it for the most part.