Iphone 5 sd card reader adapter


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Ok I have the Iphone 5 and is there an adapter or cord I can get that will allow me to check my SD cards in my trail cameras?

Big Mike

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I have a Droid phone and I know NOTHING about iPhones. That being said...I use a micro SD card in a full size adapter in some cameras so I can just read the micro SD card directly from my phone.
I haven' found one. There are a couple that work with the iPAD, but don't work with the phones or touches.
i think if your iphone has been jailbroken you can use the adapters designed for the ipad.

wish they would come up with something...that would be convenient!


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Yes. Apple sells an SD card reader that plugs directly into your iphone. My friend has one that he checks his cams with. He bought his at Bestbuy I think. You don't have to jailbreak anything.


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The one that works on the ipad doesn't work with the i4 (it plugs in, but doesn't work -- tried it with two seperate readers). Let me know's for sure if it works on the i5. About to upgrade and that would be a lot less bulky than carrying an ipad into the woods.