Irish Stew


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Well done! Looks great and is perfect for today! I bet a lot don't know about the Guinness tradition.


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Well plaid on all angles.
My Dad said back in the 40's and 50's that all the diners & restaurants served Irish Stew. Probably made with beef and not lamb.
I saw a few recipes with Guinness in the recipe. Your meal looks mighty tasty. My wife and daughter, as well as myself like Guinness Stout.
Makes a good chocolate cake too.
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Thanks for the kind words. I believe traditional Irish stew was made with whatever was on hand at the time of putting it in the pot. Lamb was often used. In this batch, I used the neck roast from a buck taken this past season. Add a little chicken broth, a Guinness Stout, garlic, onion, some fresh thyme from the garden, carrots, potatoes, a little salt and pepper, just a handful of diced celery, and that will do it. :cheers:

The only bad thing was that it didn't last long enough!