Irwin County

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I have yet to see scrapes or rutting activity on our place. Was in Stewart County Georgia opening weekend and saw no sign in 4 days of tough WMA sledding. Did see a buck on a hanger that’s tarsals we’re turning dark. It’s usually the November full moon round here in the dirty south.
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Starting to make scrapes on field edges so I guess its ramping up . Im not a bean field hunter but dont mind climbin about 70 yards inside the pines for a shot at that rascal.
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Ok...based on Bucks roaming Ocilla City streets and broken fenders and grill work on the side of the roads.. the rut is officially on! As added evidence one tried to steal the orange vest from my trucks dash! So...Go to Peach Care...Call in sick...cancel all non essential commitments and pull up a ringside seat! Good Luck!
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I will be there Friday morning and afternoon to hunt with my youngest grandson. Hopefully he will get his first deer. I figured they should be ready and would be his best chance to get one.