It was the worst and best day, last Saturday

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My Bride of 45 yrs has dementia and we were told from her Neurologist, that their is nothing more they can do..Friday we went down to do several task in town, on the way we went to the dump..It had been raining that am and I had to load two bags in the back of the truck, of which my bride had one. As we left the Dump she informed me she could not find her purse. I turned around and went back to the dump and looked and asked, no purse..She was starting to panic and I had a Physical Therapy appointment...We went back up to the house and checked, no purse. As I traveled back down to town I scanned the side of the road thinking she may have left it on the back of the truck, putting in the bag of garbage..We arrived 15 min early and during that time I called Ellijay PD and Gilmer County SO and informed them as to the name and our phone numbers..She was depressed and crying, I was worried about her and the content of the purse her Drivers license, Medicare card and the house keys. I have frozen all her credit quite awhile ago and did not care about the money just the keys, address on her license and medicare card..I carry duplicates of her insurance and medicare card. It was tough dealing with her depression about this which had never been a problem until now..Fast forward to 18:00 our sensors picked up a vehicle coming up the drive, the dog was going anal..As usual I carried a 9mm as I went to the door, I opened it to find a older couple with my wife's purse, soaking wet and in bad shape. They did not see me armed and they introduced themselves to us. My bride darn near knocked me over seeing her purse and went right to it crying..I explained what had happened and thanked the lord those fine people found it and brought it to us. They came up from Florida to stay at a place they had maybe 4 miles away. We lost the keys but everything else was still there, including her money. I thanked them and praised them on the honesty and diligence in bringing it to us..They said they were glad they found us to return it..I offed them a $100 dollar thank you and they would not take it, said it would ruin why they like paying it forward..I could not thank them enough and told them to please come by the next time they come up, We would like to treat them to a nice dinner out...Thank God their are still honest people in this screwed up world today, we were blessed..Just wanted to share with the rest!!
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Thank you for sharing as sometimes, we need to be reminded of the really good happenings in life.

I am glad that this wonderful couple found your wife's purse and was able to return it to you. I sort of think of this couple as guardian angels for you and your wife in this case and I am glad that everything ultimately worked out for both of you. Things like this does tend to restore some of my faith in humanity.

I fully understand what this couple told you about not taking any reward as such. For several years now, I have been able to pay things forward at least 2-3 times per month to deserving people because that is what my life is all about. This includes churches and their out-reach programs and also other individuals that are enduring some tough circumstances. I am just thankful to be able to do it because it is the right thing to do. My late Mother and Father would turn over in their graves if I even thought about accepting any kind of reward as such.
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That is a great ending to a very bad start. So sorry for your wife.
I have learned with my dad to be kind and have lots of patience with them.They can't help their mental state.Kindness is something that they thrive on.I will start including you in my daily prayers. That is one of the things in this world that I honestly hate.

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Those people were the answer to your prayers.

My grandfather had dementia very bad and we struggled with things. He is very hard headed and is now bed bound after several strokes. My granny has dementia also but it's not bad yet. I'll pray for your wife and your family! Dementia is a terrible disease.
My Mom has dementia. One of the things we done early on to help keep up with her purse was that we bought "Clicker" locators for the purse and her car keys. (about $25). She would hide them both in the house and could not find them.


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Glad that you had such a great ending to the story. Dementia is terrible as we have faced it in our family as well
It was a very good day nk because in addition to your wife getting her purse back God let you know there are lots of good people in this world that he uses to make miracles happen. My SIL has dementia so I got a pretty good idea what y'all are living through.