It's A-Rig Time Again!

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Let me first say that I am not a big fan of the A-Rig for tournament fishing, but there is no denying, it could possibly be the best wintertime presentation for finding fish- and of course that depends on the lakes that you fish.

Here in Tennessee the water is finally getting into the low 50's and the A-Rig bite is starting the heat up, but it's not at 100% yet. Currently, the areas that Im able to start catching some Rig fish are the steepest structure outside of the creeks and bays that the fish are starting to funnel out of. Seems like steep points, rocky bluff banks, ledges and the creek channels themselves are what the fish are starting to occupy. I think the water needs to get down into the upper 40's for the majority of the fish to start moving away from the shallows, and kick off the rig bite.

That being said, Im really just using it as a search bait, and once I find fish, that's when I slow down with something else.

What lakes has anyone been able to start catching them on in GA? What are the areas you are catching them in?