It's Been a Great Season!

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I've spent more mornings duck hunting this year than ever before. During Christmas break my oldest grandson Bryce spent a lot of time with me. We painted the canoe camo one day and had a lot of fun doing it. We spent plenty of time on the water too. Hopefully next year he'll get his first ducks. I hunted a lot by myself and several times with my boyfriend. Every hunt was special but having those days with Bryce meant a lot to both of us. I still remember when he was little and he asked me why I loved to hunt so much. I think he's finally starting to understand. ducks1d.JPG Bryce2a.jpg Bryce2.jpg canoe1.jpg canoe1b.jpg duck4b.jpg duck5b.jpg ducks2a.JPG duck5a.jpg canoe2.jpg