It's go out in public day

Rich guys that are debt poor are just doing their part to make America OK agagain.
Just the same scenario as the poor feller with bald tires buying a carton of cigarettes. The Hillbilly is simply making a statement that various addictions and bad habits transcend all socio-economic classes.
Don't forget about the kids swerving all over the road texting while you drive to next destination, or all the losers blowing vape smoke out the car window into your vehicle at the light.
That's what I like about the DG, you don't have to get all dressed up to go there like you do to go to Walmart.
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Third stop BJ's wholesale club. No maroons there either. Made it home without a door ding too.
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It's now time to put the 4x4 in the garage and act fancy at the Catalina wine mixer (woodstock edition). Stand around not drinking and listening to poppycock about junk Alex Jones said or some other nonsense like sports wins where they say stupid stuff like "we" beat y'all. Like they play or something or even went to that school.
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I will say that people of the people description don't usually get up and make it out before 12. There is a pretty good chance you may not run in to those people if you go out in the morning hours.

I'm not sure this logic is true for Dollar General, Fred's, or Big Lots! I would also add Waffle House and Huddle House.
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Ramen is good, perhaps we can find out what Aunt Dewayne adds to hers. I'm guessing pork skins, smoked oysters, I'm sure peanut butter, and of course field corn.

Seriously though, the GI's in Korea shared with the Koreans and came up with some great and not so great ideas; eggs, mussels, hot dogs, bok choy, kimchee, sesame oil, rice vinegar, Spam, baked beans, American Cheese(yuck), etc.

They called it Budae Jjigae(Army Stew) as it was a fusion of US Army and Korean. I worked with some guys stationed in Korea that told me about the trading and concoctions.
Be sure to add some Korean Chili Paste to the mix.