Its that time again......Yella popper time

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Them is sum pretty fish. When I get my hip straightened out--surgery May 9th--going to be yella poppin myself.


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Those are some sorta fighters, and a pile of fun on a flyrod. Mighty good eating too. Nice catches.
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A few from the last couple of trips.Shout out to Boogle Bugs,I had a couple new bullet style bugs that come unraveled after only a couple fish so I contacted the company via email with attached photos of the problem bugs.The owner contacted me back and was very interested with quality control and told me to send them in and he would replace them and throw in a couple more to make up for my troubles.(y) 20190526_071637-600x800.jpg 20190518_094538-800x600.jpg 20190518_092450-800x600.jpg 20190518_072234-800x600.jpg 20190518_084955-800x600.jpg 20190516_191602-800x600.jpg 20190516_191724-800x600.jpg
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Between you and Nic, you're making me want to go bream fishing in the worst way!