Ive had some fine coon hunts lately (videos and pics)

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Some of you may know and some don't but the redtick female that I had doing so well caught a disease from a tick and really set her back... It messed up her nose and I don't think she'll ever be able to smell like she once could but it is what it is.. She is a sweet dog and not a minutes trouble so I will more then likely keep her until she dies. Don't get me wrong , she can still tree a coon but just can't drive a track like she used to could and the problem is now she gets frustrated and hangs a tree and its slick ... She slicks more then she has the meat .. Ive started giving her a generic clariten and it seems to be helping her...

Monday night of this week I met up with a friend who has a Grand nite English female and we went to my club... I took a pup and he did too hoping to get on some good tracks...

First drop they smoked this coon all the way to a den but we could see him up in the hole...My blue English pup treed her butt off on this one ....That's my female standing up in the tree..


2nd drop they got on another good track and hammered 2 coons up this tree....We knocked one out to them..:cool:


3rd drop the older two females split running a track and my girl drifted to the left and slammed this one....My buddy's female came in and backed her... I rolled this one too...:cool:


Last night my female and my buddy's nite ch male dog split treed and both had a coon....We rolled mine out as his was up in a hollow tree. :yeah:


Good stuff! And good to see no walkers in there. :D