J reef 9ft Tiger (12 May)

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The fish bite was on full spring /summer mode this weekend. While we didn't catch any, the radio was alive with reports of kings caught and I watched a boat that fished the Stream unload mahi and tuna.

Seas were very calm and we were pounding out some bottom fish at J reef with lines out for shark. Caught a good variety including a very small red snapper that I released (I think he was under 10 inch)

Caught a lot of Remora so 2 of the crew kept some and said it was good but boney. I have some of the large grunt and porgy in the pics brining in salt water for the smoker tonight (along with some sea bass)

Pretty sure I hooked a cobia. Was fighting him on my heavy TLD-25 and every time he got close to the boat he took off again. Was jigging a large bucktail tipped whish a whole squid. After about ten minutes back and forth the hook pulled free (yeh I was ticked off and my back is sore today)

The tiger ate about an 8 inch bait fish gutted but alive off the bottom. fight was about 20 minutes or more and pretty epic. got him boat side and then let him go. The video of this is very poor quality filmed from my IPhone but you can see the beast at about 3.30 min mark. I don't know how to edit video--- Oh and VERY salty language when we see just how big and species of shark!