J reef trip report (29 April) seeing Red

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FINALLY got my boat fixed and running right

Went to J reef with a pretty stiff wind from the north,,,,

As usual double hook ups of Black Sea Bass were the order of the day. 10 throwbacks for every keeper but with a 100 or so fish caught we went home with meat in the cooler

Caught a nice 25 inch Bull Red which
of course you cant keep and a 15 inch Red Snapper which we cant legally keep but SAFMC says they might open soon.

My partner caught a nice Remora but also not kept.

No Cobia, spadefish, kings , cuda or Spanish yet


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Didn't see an surface action at all ,,, didn't troll but had some live bait down.. that wasn't touched .. Just saw where a charter CPT loaded up on Spanish and a few bonita so that is why he the pro.

Going out again in two weeks if weather cooperates.