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I'm coming up for a camping trip on 4/13 and was wondering if anyone had some insight on the area in terms of camping and how the fishing is been. It will be my first time to the area and first time really getting after mountain trout. Thanks in advance.

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I'm in south Ga and have never been to Jacks but years ago fishec the conasauga. A game warden from here used to hike in and fish the jacks several times a year. He usded ultra liight spinning gear and his lure of choice was a 1/16 ounce glitter in black color rooster tail. He always caught his limit. Upon hearing that I bought a few black glitter rooster tails 1/16 ounce and used them in the taccoa and caught my limit of very nice stream reared trout. You can't buy this lure with a gold treble hook any more which is what i had. So I get a an artist paint brush and paint my hooks gold on those lures. I could tell on that day that the trout preferred the ones with the gold hooks.


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I havent been in there for a while but I used to fish it regularly. Dont overlook the tributary streams. Thats where I always had the best luck.