Jackson county 9


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Very decent indeed. Congratulations!!

I used to live in Jackson County. Which area did this one come from?
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I had seen two does right at daylight and was gonna get down at 9 if I didn’t see anything else.. at 8:55 a spike came through and walked into a small patch of thicket.. about 2 or 3 mins went by and he came back out running to where he came from then this buck came out chasing him but stopped a few yards off the edge of the thicket.. he turned to go back in the thicket and I made a 40 yard shot through a small opening and it looked like a good shot but he just walked off like normal.. he went out of sight and a few secs later I heard him crash.. I wait a min and then got down to go check my arrow but never found it or any blood so I walked to where I heard him crash and picked up good blood for about 20 yards and it stopped.. I kept goin in the direction I heard him crash and ended up jumping him up.. he ran about 80 yards and rolled up.. I haven’t seen any chasing yet but I think it will kick off this week..


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Decent??? That buck is nice!! Looks like a trophy to me! lol congratulations!


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Great buck brother!!


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Great buck, I love the color in those antlers.