Jan 12 am...last saturday


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Sitting in Rambo stand here in Webster Co. in deepest part of swamp. Hadn’t sat here in years. Got two 130lb class does last eve. Combined w the 3 my sons have taken this year we are good one venison. Looking for pigs or real nice buck. 40min hike through swamp just to get here. Even w 4 wheeler it will be a chore getting something out. Shutting it down for the year this eve.
Aaaaaand just like that here comes the rain. I’ve hunted in the rain so much this year it will be summer before I dry out all the way.


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My buddy just dropped me off and is headed home to get his toddler son for a trip to the cooler.

Happy to have given him the chance to fill the freezer. Now my turn if this weather doesn’t get nasty.

Good luck and be safe.
OK I think this is gonna be a wrap for me if something doesn’t happen in the next 30 minutes and then it will be on to yotes and turkeys.
No sign of a deer this morning. Maybe they moved good with the cool,clear weather last night? Windy & cloudy in mid-ga. If the rain sets in..I’m done. Even though..I Wanted one more for the freezer:hammers:
Check my trail cams this morning and it looked like lots of movement happening last night. Unfortunately, not a sign of a deer this morning. Got caught in some heavy sleet and ended up it packing up early. That’s probably a wrap for my season. Only chose to take one deer this year, but saw more than I can ever remember. Already looking forward to next season.