Jan 5 PM

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Been at it all day... Nothing so far. Windy as all get out and getting a bit discouraged. I'm in a climber in a creek bottom and Dad is in the tower over looking the hay field now. Come on deer. Jackson Co.
Clear skies and the wind and temperature are moderating. They are prolly laid up right now and will move right at last light. I’m ready for them.


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Joining y’all from a big field with a large foodplot in the bottom. Usually this is a good afternoon spot, but with the wind as it is. I guess time will tell.

Wanted to bow hunt a hidden food plot, but winds were wrong for it.

Good luck and be safe guys.


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Looked out back at 12:30 and a small buck as eating at corn feeder. I live here in town. 20 acres of woods behind house


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Went in a little further and am near the corner of some pines with the overgrown cutover across the creek.


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Back at it this evening, saw a doe this morning with about a pie plate size chunk of skin missing from around her shoulder. Couldn’t get a shot, but not sure I would have anyway. Never really know what to do in those situations.
Bumped a doe on the way in this evening, good luck to all.
Dooly Co. creek bottom.
Got in my climber about an hour ago. No movement so far. Wind is light right now but swirling down the valley I’m hunting. I had no action this morning but saw several groups of does feeding on the sides of the hwy between 1-3pm today. Seems like they were a little more active around mid day.
My buds on my other piece of property say they are covered up in hot and cold running deer. I don’t have so much as a skwurl.


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In a converted playfort stand in a planted pines in Sumter Co. nothing this AM. Around noon my son and I went for a ride on ATV. “Shouldn’t we bring a rifle” he said. “Nah” I replied. You got it. We were riding the edge of a huge cut corn field and a big doe was bedded down 5 feet off the field. We stopped in front of her. Had all the time in the world, she stood and walked away while we watched empty handed. Typical. Got a gun now, let’s see what happens!
2 shots fired back to back to my north. He missed on his first shot. Don’t know about the second one.


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Walker county over looking grown up field. Killed a doe here last week, a coyote the week before. Got 2 dogs running around out there now. Rabbit hunters hunted here this morning. Just going to enjoy my sit, may be the last of the season


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Nothing yet, but the wind has calmed somewhat and an owl is hooting away back in the pines.


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Just made it up the tree in hancock. Late but finally made it. Traffic in Athens was a nightmare for some reason. Tonight and the am then I’m hanging it up. Don’t do it often but I’m hunting over a feeder tonight hoping one is hungry
Action. I got 3 hens at the other end of the food plot. Just like I figured. Sun is behind the treeline and we’re in shadows and the temp is dropping fast. I’m ready for some deer action.