Jesus present in other Religions?

Absoloutly! 100% how else could 99% of the worlds religions be based on father/son or mother/daughter diety`s. only those Christians with scales over there eyes who refuse to accept the bible has mistakes will argue. ART I address this the who whom thread as well and your thread about women. One must be open minded in order to learn. and accept god made us all which allowed for development of many diffrent religions but are basicly the same.
Did you ever consider that Moses was an Egyptian? Ever consider the ebb and flow history from many Gods to one God in Egyptian spirituality? Ever consider Moses walking away from what he percieved were severe differences in what God was and what was not right spiritually and socially? Ever consider the intercourse between India and Egypt and all the inbetweens before Moses?

If we go back from Moses...we go everywhere where man was civilized enough to keep some sort of records even oral ones. For example some of the ancient moral teachings in native american history don't take a back seat to anyone else's. The native people that live next to me say they were always here and science says 10,000 yrs ago ( last ice age).

Simply, if the Hebrew prophets could look ahead, why can't christians look back and find a tree in the past, that was ever there, and yet they were not yet grafted to? Unless they don't really believe they were grafted to anything at all? God being the God of the living, I know....:)
What you say has the potential to prove the bible that christians belive in fight over and raise their kids by and liv by may be dare I say it Wrong! There can be no others if there were it would be written in the bible is what i expect to hear now!